Welcome to Giftstyle India

Giftstyle india is an Indian brand of handmade wooden goodies. We help our customers to create fully customized perfect pieces and. Our trendy handmade customized products are wooden lettering, block sets, wall hangings and monograms that are each crafted by us by our customer’s choice. Our pieces can help you to celebrate and honour your important people, places and times of your life. We create high-quality products for your home/office decor. It is made up of good quality wood MDF that lasts for long period. You can easily customize it’s colour, size and font according to your preference.

It can be used for Gifting on Wedding/Anniversary/ Birthday, Photography, DIY and Home decor and you can easily order it through our official Website and Instagram.

How we started?

I got the craft and art creativity from my ancestor and decided to start this brand as a gesture of love for craft and to bring some trending addition and change to home decor and personlized gifting to the gifting and home/office decor market. We had been watching out the trend of wooden letters/words and personlized hanger in so many foreign countries. But some people who loves wooden goodies are facing a major problem regarding the quality while importing wooden letters/words or hangers through e-commerce sites. The price rate was okay but the quality was not satisfactory to most of the wooden craft lover.Keeping this disadvantage in our mind and the demand for wooden product we had decided to create high quality wooden products at resonable rate.

You can make your special day more fun and attractive by adding wooden letters/words and hangers in your list. Our mission is to support artisan who are wholly dependend on their art for the livelihood and provide the best quality wooden products to our customers. And to promote craft all over the world. We are selling wooden letters and words to bring desirable Change in indian decor at affordable price. We are happy to connected thousand plus happy customers since past few years who not only love our creative goodies but also support us.


  • We are a team of experienced artist and Art lover.
  • We are giving an unique gifting options on the occasion of BIRTHDAY/ANNIVERSARY/WEDDING.
  • We are giving an option to our each customer of customizing their order fully.
  • We make sure to give you best quality product.
  • We make handmade goodies.

About Our team members!

We are running our business with the most supportive artisian that help them and our brand to grow the demand and love for craft and art by creating handmade goodies.

Any wholesalers interested in working with us can check out our Wholesalers page. We would be more than happy to connect with more and more people because these products being famous in Western countries also need popularity in our Homeland.